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Chicago is arguably one of America’s greatest cities. Known as the ‘home of the blues,’ Chicago became a refuge for thousands of African Americans who fled the Jim Crow laws of the South and brought with them a new form of American music. But Chicago isn’t the state’s only great city - Illinois has been an urban hotspot since ancient times. Cahokia, once home to thousands of Native Americans, was America’s first city and is now the largest archaeological site in the U.S., according to National Geographic. Cahokia featured a central plaza as big as 45 football fields, where athletic events and religious proceedings, including ritual human sacrifice, took place. Illinois isn’t smothered in cities, far from it. Farms raise corn, soy, hogs and cattle over 80 percent of its land. State Parks abound as well. The Garden of the Gods Recreation Area is part of the Shawnee National Forest and features rock formations and cliffs with evocative names like Camel Rock and the Devil’s Smoke Stack. Kickapoo State Park is great for families, with fishing and boating in deep-water ponds as well as the Middle Fork River. The University of Chicago Medical Center is has been awarded national rankings in 12 adult and 9 pediatric medical specialties, according to U.S. News and World Report.

  • Pediatric RN Needed - Peoria, Illinois; $80/hr

    Pediatric RNs Needed - Peoria, Illinois Multiple openings - 4 nights, 2 day shifts open 13-weeks Start date: 7/25 Travel rate: $80/hr ($30.13/hr non-taxed stipends + $49.87/hr taxed) Weekly gross (36 hrs): $2,880 Local rate: $69/hr

  • RN Orthopedic Surgical Unit - Springfield, IL - Weekly gross $3971!!

    RN Orthopedic Surgical Unit - Springfield, IL 12 hour nights, 48 hours, 13 weeks - 7/13 start Weekly gross - $3971 Per diem - $1085 Hourly $55.50 OT rate $83.25 Blended hourly rate $82.73 Orthopedic unit caring for total joint replacements (#1 in the state!)and spine surgery along with other...

  • RN IMC - Springfield IL - Weekly Gross $3245

    RN IMC - Springfield, IL Days, 13 weeks, 36 hours Weekly Gross $3245 Per diem $1085 Hourly $60 OT $90 Blended hourly $90.14 1:3-4 never 5 Types of patients: Sepsis, COPD/CHF exacerbation, PNA, stroke, post-Covid, respiratory distress, trauma (falls, GSW, MVA), pancreatitis

  • RN Med/Surg - Springfield, IL - Weekly gross $2831!

    RN Med/Surg - Springfield, IL Nights, 36 hours, 13 weeks Weekly Gross $2831 Per diem $1085 Hourly $48.50 Ot $72.75 Blended rate $78.64 Reach out to me Charlotte Searles

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Travel/Contract, Skilled Nursing

    Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Travel/Contract, Skilled Nursing ABOUT THE JOB Do you want to work for a patient-centered company that is results-oriented and delivers top-notch quality of care? Would you like to build your future with other top performers? We’re looking for a Licensed...

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