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Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, a source of enduring awe and mindboggling beauty. It’s also been home to the some of the continent’s earliest inhabitants - Native Americans who performed sacred ceremonies amidst its jaw-dropping backdrop of red rock monuments. The Anasazi ruins at Navaho National Monument afford visitors a fascinating glimpse into an ancient world of cliff dwellings amidst spectacular canyon lands. Arizona possesses a gravity and beauty that is timeless, but you can find quirky artifacts of more recent times here as well. Lake Havasu, for instance, is home to the London Bridge, which was reconstructed here after being sold, dismantled and shipped overseas. You just might experience the best taco you’ve ever tasted in Arizona, where historic Mexican restaurants such as the Casa Mañana in Safford and the El Charro Café in Tucson have been seating hungry travelers for decades. For those seeking higher education, the University of Arizona College of Medicine offers the state’s only MD program, but admission is highly competitive, and only the best students are granted acceptance. Holistic medicine is highly popular in Sedona, a mecca for those with an interest in natural healing and spiritual practices.

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