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Thread: becoming an RN help?

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    Smile becoming an RN help?

    Hi, i am trying to become an rn through a vocational nursing program. i know i can also go about it with a bsn and an asn, but i have chosen this path. i don't know anyone else who works in the medical field personally. Can someone please let me know what are the prerequisites i would need? and if there is a way that i can climb from a ma or cna to a rn in time? i have done plenty research, but i would rather talk to real nurses. please help me.

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    Hope you are doing well on your journey. You can certainly climb from ma or cna to rn in time. Through experience and some more schooling you'll be well on your way. With a job in the health field, you can fund your schooling and eventually get your bsn or asn. Good luck!

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