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Thread: Are American hospitals ready for Ebola?

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    Are American hospitals ready for Ebola?

    I retired in 2009 from a major trauma hospital in a large city and I know it wasn't ready for something like this then. We all know patients lie all the time. Infection control in some hospitals is an absolute joke. Just would like to hear anyone's thoughts and things you have seen about infection control where you are at. I just don't think this is being treat seriously enough and I really don't trust the CDC espescially after their "little" mishaps lately about sending active anthrax that was supposed to be inactive to a lab that wasn't aware of this until they got the samples and then finding still live smallpox samples in a storage room that had lain there for years ,"lost." Most ICU's at best have 1 or 2 negative pressure isolation rooms.Ebola spreads exponentially! There are not enough actual isolation rooms or nurses for this.Just wondering what other nurses are seeing at their hospitals and are to afraid to speak out loud about for fear of losing their jobs.

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    Sorry this is a bit late!

    Given the 21 day incubation period and the rate at how many travel by plane-----I doubt that we are ready, either.

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    That is such a great question and topic that you are discussing: Are hospitals ready for Ebola? I really believe that the US hospitals are ready for Ebola for many reasons:
    1. We practice safe practices like putting on equipment that protects our skin.
    2. US hospitals have rooms that are specialized in giving isolation to certain types of patients.
    3. US hospitals have safe practice acts when it comes to needle sticks and putting away things that are hazardous.
    So, yes I believe that we as a country are ready.

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