Hiya! I posted a thread in the "Pre-Nursing Forum;" however, I figured that I should, of course, introduce myself as well! I will most likely be active on here from time to time, so I just wanted to say HI! My name is Eden (on here anyway ); I'm 26. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is also my best friend. I was a nursing assistant for 5 or 6 years right out of high school but ended up resigning from that profession once I fell chronically ill AND my mother became sick with cancer. Although I never felt well myself, I dedicated my life to taking care of my mom day and night while she was home/ not in the hospital. She just lost the big fight last year.

I enjoy volunteering in the community in my spare time. I LOVE animals, I have two ferrets who are sweet as pie; they're like the children that I don't have. I'm a nurturer to the bone and always need something to love and take care of. I'm a 4.0 community college student, just taking my basic classes with an LPN intent to start out. My favorite thing is to learn and I plan on continuing to do so all of my life!

It's nice to meet everyone!