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Thread: Nursing school

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    Nursing school

    Hi i am new here i am 35 and starting nursing school i am very excited about this but nervous also i heard its very very hard I know it will be worth it in the end and will be finally doing what i been wantting to do for along boutime any advice from anyone who has gone to nursing school or is already attending.I want to become a pedatric nurse in what area not sure been thinking about going into the NICU i did lose my daugther 10 years ago which is what has put this whole thing on hold i knew i couldnt handle doing now is the time though

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    Welcome to the site, Miranda!

    I am sorry to learn of your daughter's passing. Pediatric nursing may be a good 'fit' for you. Perhaps even Pediatric Home Health? Just a thought.....

    Hope to see you often!


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