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    Forum changes

    I'm not as active here as I used to be. Since the site changed hands it's really gone downhill. This used to be a good place for nurses to talk about career, job stress, addiction recovery etc..... Now it seems to have devolved into funny quotes that demean nurses and bible verses. It hardly seems like a nursing site at all anymore. I am looking into options to create a site that will encompass some nursing but will mostly deal with health issues for people over 50. I'll continue to lurk here and see if this site ever finds it's path again.

    Peace and Namaste


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    Thanks for your post, Hppy! I might as well add my 2 cents worth to the cause, also.

    i have been around for quite some time. By good fortune, I'd gotten bumped up to Assistant Admin. I'
    Since then, not sure how many members have joined, and not cared to post. Then again, I have seen many more spam type members join....

    And I refuse to even talk about former members who have posted in the past, and have never returned. I can say this much: I have received messeges from many of them, and they have all contain pretty much the same thing.

    Since the end of 2010/beginning of 2011, I have noticed a huge change in the site. Whether that is from the previous owners' selling the site, new owners taking over,.....I don't know. As you have noticed, I've been 'demoted' since then. Of course, that has resulted in my not being able to keep doing what I'd done all along: keeping the site up.

    Many of you know that I have tried my best to make this site work, but obviously there is a lack of giving a from the Official Management.

    I, too, will continue to lurk....perhaps even less then I already am.

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    Yeah same here. Hoping that management will make it better soon.

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