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Thread: Self surrendered my license

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    Self surrendered my license

    I've been a LPN for 11 years. Two years ago I self surrendered my license because I got convicted of a tax related crime due to my ex spouse. I was charged with conspiracy to defraud the government with relation to income taxes. I never filed taxes or anything. I did 17 months in federal prison. It's two years later . Does any one know if I could possibly get my license back? Also, does anyone know of any less aggressive states I might obtain a license in?

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    Mind you, we don't give legal advice, as that is best left to legal professionals. I would suggest looking up the various State BON's listed in our Nursing Discussions by State section. Contact them, be honest, and see what all they have to say. Also, you should contact your own State Board, and get any pertinant info as to how it affects your license there.

    I don't know about 'less aggressive states'. After all, tax fraud is serious. It may limit what all you can do/where you work; not sure.

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