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    Hello everyone!

    I am a guy, just throwing that out there because I am not sure how many male nursing students are on here. I am 5 years into my career and I realized I want to start something new. I looked into almost every field, took a personality test job assessment and ended up with nursing as a possible profession for me. I researched it and love what I am seeing so far, so I'm jumping in head first.

    I need to go back to college to get my pre-reqs for nursing school done before I take the accelerated course. Just wanted to introduce myself! Look forward to connecting with all of you!

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    Welcome to the site!

    It used to be that guys in nursing were really rare; the numbers are going up some. Think of it as you are making a difference in someone elses life............

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    Definitely cougarnurse. I really got into my current career thinking I would be making a difference in others lives. But now that I am not as young as I once was, medical was always an interest, but I don't feel like I'd want to go through medical school to become a doctor by the time I am 40. I know thats still young, but thats a ton of school and debt in the process. Since I already have a Bachelors in another field, I can take an accelerated 1 year program to BSN once I am done with the pre-req.

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