Hi everyone,
My name is Anthony, and I've recently decided to take the plunge into nursing after too man years in school searching for
what I want to be when(if) I grow up. Like the title states, I'm in the ADN program at PHCC with aspirations of getting my
MSN to be a CRNA after a few years of travel nursing. I want to travel in hopes of getting exposed to many facets of nursing
so I can be sure that the CRNA route is right, or finding what is. Another leap I took at the same time was creating my own
blog/website to record my journey at least through my BSN and hopefully beyond. My goal in the site is also to give hints, tips,
and tricks to studying and performing skills, and passing the NCLEX down the road. If anyone has the time or interest, I would
greatly appreciate any feedback about what you think of it, so go check it out: www.nursingschoolblog.com

Look forward to talking with everyone!