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Thread: Worried about license discipline

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    Unhappy Worried about license discipline

    Okay, so I'm FREAKING OUT! Just applied for a job, got hired then told my license was lapsed! I did all the proper steps but am now being told by the board that I have to submit that I worked a few months last year and will be fined and reprimanded. I had no idea it was expired and my previous job checked on my status, they said it was fine so I had no reason to think my payment wasn't received! Now I'm worried what the fine/reprimand will be and even more worried that this process will take so long that I may miss out on an awesome job opportunity, MUCH needes. They seem understanding but not sure if they'll stay that way if it takes much longer! Any feedback, suggestions or knowledge is much appreciated!

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    Do what Board is asking, as a professional it is your responsibility to be aware of exp. dates...a reprimand because it sounds like you worked unlicensed last year,,and that is a problem .. You only have one choice now and that is comply..

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