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Thread: What are the "Real" consequences of breaking a contract?

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    What are the "Real" consequences of breaking a contract?

    I recently accepted a position because there was no other jobs posting in my speciality for a while. I took this one without really considering what I was getting into. My reason for wanting to break the contract is that other options have opened up that are much brighter for me financially.

    I understand that if I do break my contract I probably won't be able to ever get a job at that facility again or with the agency...which is fine b/c they are terrible! What other consequences ( besides me feeling guilty) do I face?

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    Some of what you are asking are legal questions that a lawyer, admitted to practice in your jurisdiction, would have to answer.

    But check the fine print of the contract. You do have a copy of it, yes? And find out if there was a covenant not to compete that you signed (they aren't legal everywhere) or if there are any provisions for them hitting you with special damages. And see if there is a paragraph (there should be) regarding where jurisdiction would be in the event of a suit against you for breach. This paragraph would be in their (choice of jurisdiction or venue) because it's an entirely possible scenario that you would live in one state, the agency would be headquartered in another, and the job they sent you to would be in a third. Such paragraphs do not decide things but they can sway a court if you are sued. And, yeah, there is the possibility that you would be sued - there would not be a contract if the agency wasn't trying to protect their legal rights (but keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you would or would not be sued - but it is a possibility). Fortunately you, too, have rights.

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    I think that you need to discuss your options and rights that you have with your lawyer when it comes to contract.

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