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Thread: What is the job market for CNAs like?

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    What is the job market for CNAs like?

    I heard that there is a nursing shortage myth, and that the market is saturated with too many nurses.
    Is that true for CNAs too?

    I was thinking after a few weeks of getting the CNA certificate I could get a CNA position right away. I am thinking in particular overnight shifts at either at nursing home or home health agency. Do you think the market is good enough that I can get an overnight position soon after getting my certificate?

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    Hi cnal,

    I am not sure if there is a CNA shortage, but I know for sure that there is a shortage of qualified CNA. If you do your homework you won't have a problem to find the job you are looking for. Most CNA start their career in a nursing home because most of the time there is an open position. This is because Nursing homes typically have a high turnover with CNA. Many leave after working there for a short period of time.

    Now, in order for you to get the job make sure you present yourself the right way. You are a new-grad, which makes things a bit more difficult. You somehow must show the hiring manager through your resume or when you talk to her in the facility that you are qualified to do the job not only by your certification, but also by your general attitude and if possible experience. Experience really counts. Think of what you have been doing before you became a CNA. Have you taken care of a family member? Worked in healthcare in other areas? Done volunteering work? Etc.

    Also, make sure you get your documentation in order before you apply. At minimum you will need your license, CPR card (Amercian Heart Association), resume.

    Good luck,

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    CNA Jobs

    It's not that there is a shortage of nurses, it's shortage of good CNA's. Every field needs qualitative services and so needs healthcare even. If you are planning to go for a CNA certification, you will definitely have great job prospects ahead. You have to make sure that you complete your training in a right and efficient manner to get a good position in the market.

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    Honey there is a reason there is a shortage of good CNA's. Good CNA's don't have to put up with the treatment that they get being one from nurses and administration. The relationships with patients are very rewarding but it is a thankless job. Most places do not even recognize the hard work CNAs do. Also all the dirty work is dumped on the CNA. Everyone else in the building is higher ranking than CNA's making it difficult because they all drive you crazy with more creative things for the CNA to do. A lot of nurses do not want to help out. A lot of them do not even want to go into patient rooms so they send you. Most nurses think they are above touching fecal matter thus treating you like you are there just to wipe poop. I would think twice honey before going into this field. I am only it it because I know my patients need me. I could care less about keeping nurses from doing physical labor nor do i care for the opinions of other staff who think they are higher than I and I tell them at times to get off their high horse. IF you do go into this just remember, it is about the people you take care of. It is not a kiss but competition and most don't appreciate you anyway. So do not count on this.

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    I agree with Alaura. Avoid being a CNA if it's just to get a job - if you want to help people, then you're on the right track. Remember you can also work in homes as a home health aid as well which might be a healthier work environment depending on the facilities that are available in your area. And of course it is a good "in" into the medical field as you can continue to study while working. Good luck!

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