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Thread: Pitfalls of assigned travel housing

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    Pitfalls of assigned travel housing

    I have just learned that my travel agency does not even see the hotels and other accomodations they book for us! Many travel agencies use third party housing agencies now. I have learned to review all the options given to me by my agency now. I call them as if I were booking it myself.I research everything from parking (covered, uncovered, free or daily charge, secure, ect.) far the nearest grocery store is...then research it as well!
    My last assignment cost $17.50/day to park at the hospital! This was not covered in my contract.
    Does your room have an oven, or just a microwave and a cooktop? Is it a suite, or just a studio...gym? Laundry facilities?
    You may think your agency will look into all of this, but trust no one.I have arrived at hotels where I would not GET OUT OF THE CAR!. much less LIVE there for three months! (SHC)
    Be smart...join the rewards programs of the hotels you like...those rooms are in your name, and you are paying for them...get your reward points! You may want to travel for FUN some day!
    Be assertive when you check in...and be aware of the DEPOSITS some hotel chains are requiring these days! I stayed in a Mariott who took $140 deposit for "incedentals" at check-in! Beware of using your debit card for this! they are NOT allowed to charge your credit card, but can hold the funds on your debit card...Let the hotel managment know YOU are in charge of your room, and to discuss ALL problems with YOU and NOT your company. They will call your agency and ask you to leave if you complain, vs. speak directly with you and get the problems solved.

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    Wow, I never paid to park.... but, one travel job, I did have to park a few blocks away and take the hospital bus to work in New Haven...... My lodging was good, nice apartments... Once I had to stay in a motel for a week until my apt. was available. I did not like it, but it was safe. Only had a microwave and small fridge, but company gave me a daily stipend to eat out...
    I always asked my company to see the apt.s on line and that made me feel better

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