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Thread: CNA Work is a nightmare!!

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    Angry CNA Work is a nightmare!!

    I have worked my fourth PRN day as a CNA in Abilene, KS and I do not know why more people do not work there in the first place. Why can't they hire more CNAs and Nurses? Three CNAs per hallway is not enough. Not to mention, I know that other CNAs hate working there.

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    At the place I work at I am the only CNA on the floor. Now isn't that a joke?

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    Why doesn't that surprise me any?

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    Like the night around Christmas time when all nurses and CNA's except one CNA and one nurse were gone from a facility. Facility had 165 or so residents. CNA who told me about this said everybody was at the same Christmas party.

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    Money money money, people always want to get more done for less. So that means it doesn't matter if we're tired and patient care isn't given priority. The most professional and helpful thing to do is make your points to your boss and move on. Either suck it up or look for a new job.

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