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Thread: Am I craxy for doing this?

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    Am I craxy for doing this?

    Hello to everyone who is out there, I know there are more moms like me which is why I decided to join this forum. I am 26 years old, a wife and a mother to a 2 year old daughter. I am in school part-time and work part-time. I work at a hospital with medicare patients so I get to meet with a lot of patients bed-side which is nice. I also watch my niece with my own daughter 4 days a week for a little extra income. I volunteer 12 hours a week as a domestic violence advocate at the hospital. I take overnight shifts to just fit it in. I am just about a junior in undergrad as a Biology major. I only take two classes a semester, does that look bad to medical schools? Should I be taking more? I feel so alone in this process. Most of my husbands family don't even know what I am doing because they are kind of negative about it and I have a hard enough time convincing myself I can do this so I don't really talk about it. My husband is behind me, I think. I think the whole thing really scares him. The unknown of it all, the gamble.
    Deep down I know this is what I want to do. When you are standing in an open heart surgery and you don't even want to take a break because you don't want to miss a thing,you stand there studying every nook and crany of that open chest just to learn more. You see a code and all you want to do is jump in a do the compressions your self. These are the things that remind me I want to be a doctor. When you meet with a patient and they don't understand what is going on, and the physician comes in and allows them the first deep breath in hours knowing their family member will be OK. Its times like that that you know.
    What I want to know is why it is looked at so negatively. I am shocked every time I have said what I am doing at the response I get. Has anyone else had this issue? I just want to be a doctor, why is that a bad thing? When they ask my why, I can't really put it into words, when you know, you just know. Right? It is a feeling so deep within my heart and soul, unless you are on the same path, you really can't understand. Someone tell me I am not crazy for doing this.
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    Your last sentence says it all. Good luck.


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    I don't think your crazy! Follow your passion. It took me four years to do my prerecs for RN school. Everyone travels their own journey.Good luck to you

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    When I went back to college to finish my degree, I comuted to college with a girl who had been a teacher working with the disabled. She went back to college to become a physician, which she completed in 1984. During her last semester in medical school, she had a CSection for her first born. She went on to complete her psy residency while having another CSection for her second child. Several years later, she divorced her first husband. Several years afterwards, she met a very nice gentleman at her place of employment and several years later, they married. This last year, she became the head of a psy dept of medicine. She is a very strong willed person and she accomplished everything she set out to do. You can do the same! Keep focused and good luck!

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    you are not crazy. just believe

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    Don't dismiss the idea of a doctor of nursing practice. It sounds like to me studying medicine may be a waste of a wonderful nurse. Medicine is physically focused. Nursing is for those who want to affect all dimensions of the human being including their family and their environment. You can still have the doctor title, just be doing more to help others. You sound like a wonderful nurse with a lot of energy. This is just food for thought! As a DNP you can be first assist in surgery, insert chest tubes intubate, prescribe RX etc..If you like the physical side but maintain your nursing skills and ability. It is a great combination! I would not discourage your dreams, just say'n! Cheers!

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