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Thread: Good AGencies and experiences on travel nursing

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    Anyone out there worked Auerus Nursing? Thank you.

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    Hello All, My name is Caren I am new to the site. I am very interested in starting as a traveling nurse as an LVN. I would like to know how to get started and what the best agencies are to start with. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

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    This is all great information. I traveled in 2003 with Medical Express. You have to be careful. I was in Phoenix and at that time they had some sort of contract within the local hospital association to not pay travelers if they were cancelled. So although they told me and it was in my contract that I would get paid for any hospital cancellation, because of this local contract, I did not get paid and I was cancelled from Arizona Heart at least 12 hours a week. Otherwise the company was good. I am thinking of traveling again. I am sure a lot has changed since 03. Can anyone tell me if you are in a really unsafe environment, do they still force you to stay or pay the Travel company a cancellation fee? I see through this forum who not to travel with. Any comments on really good companies besides Medical Express? Or a recruiter name would be great too. One more question. If anyone has worked in California, any pros or cons? I hear the staffing ratios are law. Does this help? Thanks

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