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    If anyone is familiar with serotonin syndrome, would you have an opinion on what the primary nursing dx might be? Pt 102.7 and intubated.

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    Is the patient conscious?

    I would start with the obviouse

    Alteration in comfort

    Knowledge deficit


    impaired ventilation

    communication impaired

    When you look at your patient -what do you see? Drawyour diagnoses from that and extrapolate by the defining charactaristics.

    I would suggest you look into buying the nurses pocket guide to diagnoses,Interventions and Rationals - It's a great little guide that fits in your pocket. I have been using it since school and it's the best book ever.


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    Try hyperthermia relatedto medication or anesthesia
    The Alteration in comfort

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    Fluid Folume Deficit R/T Febrile State; Altered Mental Status; Knowledge Deficit R/T New Diagnosis; Ineffective Coping R/T condition. The list is long. Try Carpenito for a listing. Setotonin syndrome is a drug reaction characterized by to name a few symptoms, altered mental states, fever, and muscle rigidity, elevated inflammatory markers, Acut Tubular Necrosis- in other words, resembles many conditions like primary neurologic syndromes, infectious states, metabolic disorders and so on. It's a challenging condition to work up. I saw it several years ago and it was believed to be connected to Fiorecet prescribed for atypical migraines. You can see how the differential diagnoses could be impossible to separate in this case. The patient was transferred to a tertiary medical center.
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