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Thread: Nurse firing

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    This story is unbelievable. Why would you get fired? I don't understand, just because you did the right thing by questioning the protocol of blood transfusions. ? and maintaining safe practice.
    The Dr. is the problem along with administration. They could have counseled you.
    If you sent the blood , the hospital would have to discard it due to it being out so long in hot temps. No cooler in the hospital, I can't believe this.
    Somehow, someway, you were not meant to be at that place. I'm really sorry for your circumstances.
    How's the resale market for your house, or rental, so you can travel again.

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    Wow! Hope your fighting it! I am a brand new nurse, with hardly any experience and even I can see the "problems" surrounding that story. You did the right thing, and that is all we can ever do! Alot of other nurses would have just went ahead with the order! Remember, as a nurse we are obligated to do whatever we can to protect our patients!

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