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Thread: The #1 stressful thing about being a nurse,

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    The #1 stressful thing about being a nurse,

    "So, we all know there are a million things that ‘stress’ us out during our shifts. Do I really need to list them? Here are just a few that come to mind:

    Causes of Stress

    Inadequate staffing
    Nurse-to-staff ratio overload (does the word unsafe come to mind)
    Lack of teamwork
    Lack of effective and fair management
    Coworker strain
    Endless charting – repeating information on multiple forms
    Miscommunication or the lack of communication
    Census overload and strain (revolving door of admissions and discharges)
    No time to even use the bathroom"

    Wonder how many we could add to this list?


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    How about the general misperception by the public about what we do. So many people still look upon us as highly paid housekeepers rather than healthcare professionals. I had to listen for an hour to one of my resident's family members complain about how her laundry was being done.


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    Most patients are more concerned about their food being hot, than how their care is being handled. Guess they figure they are in a hotel or something.

    Hate to break it to you but that's not me . . . .. I especially like this group on Facebook:

    BE KIND TO NURSES. We keep doctors from accidentally killing you.

    Hate being treated like a waiter . . . .

    Andrew Lopez, RN

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    Actually I do not see any of these things mentioned thus far as being stressful, at least not to me. The thing that bothers me the most are staff meetings. Educational meetings, magnet meetings, trauma meetings, trauma grand round meetings. Even on my day off they are interfering with my GOLF. You do not need meetings. Put it all in emails and have people sign off they read it before they delete it. They try to tell me the meetings give voice. Trust me I always have voice. Just ask my 7 kids. They will tell you I never have a loss of voice. Another thing is they expect me to step and do some relief charge work. I did charge full time here for 15 years. There are a 100 reasons I stepped down. Most are do to meetings, and QA and QI and Process improvement, and Balogna. I just want to nurse. Let me nurse and Let me golf. All I need in life.

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    Bullseye! I wish I had a penny for every nonclinical thing that took me away from my job. Let me add electronic system malfunction or should I say DYSfunction. System upgrades, fragile links, fewer work stations than users, and so on. Electronic charting, electronic med administration, online policy and procedure manual- not user friendly, important notifications given via email, a new one for us in July, electronic physician order entry- can't wait!, and so on. This "improved" process has added about an hour to my day. It's gotten so bad that I've taken to handling email and mandatory continuing ed from home just so I can get out of the place once in ahwile. I'm salaried and won't get paid either way, so I'd just as quickly enjoy the comforts of home.

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    i totally agree with the above.
    But what stresses me most are the paperwork/charting and stressed significant others/relatives of patient.

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    The problem for me is the Electronic charting and the lousy Cerner system, very difficult to navigate, we have CPOE which is better in some ways but Cerner is hard to use.
    QI informed us that they don't want us Charting under Nurse Notes but under a tab in the assessment area , so they can follow problems or resolutions easier.
    .Well, I still chart under nurse notes, I think it makes more sense if one ends up in court..........................New nursing is just clicking on the computer,and, audits of your charting, with meetings to discuss all that stuff.
    THis job so far has also focused on social skills, at least in my case.............................................. .............which is not important in the Scheme of Things ,
    Just want to be an old fashion nurse.

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    Cerner is one of the most un-user friendly EMR that I think I have ever use! Heard it's one of the cheapest though. I was at one hospital where they had a select group of nurses evaluate several differ EMR programs. Nurses selected the one that they liked the best. But the hospital went with Cerner because they got the cheapest deal. Another example of pretending to give nurses a voice.

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    Its the same in the UK!

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    Actually I don’t know how I cope with all those stresses anymore! Maybe I’m just having enough rest and sleep and making everything as balance as possible..I make sure to meet the needs of work, family social life and other “normal” life activities as much as possible and I try to leave issues in the workplace as much as I can! I love nursing, despite the stress!

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