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Thread: Compare LPN salaries and job opportunity in NYC and NJ

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    Compare LPN salaries and job opportunity in NYC and NJ

    Dear friends,

    Could you please compare LPN salaries and job opportunities in NYC and NJ.
    Also where is better to work: in Nursing homes, per diem LPN or Hospital LPN ( If this opportunity still exists for LPN )?
    I am planning to graduate from LPN program at Eastwick College in NJ. In other words will look for my first job.
    I live in Manhattan, NY and wonder should i apply for NY license or NJ license.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you !


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    No ideas about the jobs in NY or NJ, but you can hold licensure in both states. Get your home state license, then the other State license.

    PS: Welcome to the site! Introduce yourself in the Introduction Forum when you get a chance.

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