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Thread: The Four Medicine Plants

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    The Four Medicine Plants

    Allthough all plants are purposeful and important, four plants are held the most sacred:

    1. Tobacco: Used in the offering of prayers to the Great Spirit. The smoke that holds the prayers are lifted skyward.

    2. Cedar: Purifies the body and spirit; good fortune comes your way when carried upon ones self.

    3. Sage: Cleans the body and spirit. It repels all negative energies.

    4. Sweetgrass: Purifies like cedar and brings in positive energies.

    The knowledge and values of these four plants have been handed down from generation to generation. Storytellers taught the traditions and history of these plants to keep them alive for their tribes.

    One thing for everyone to be aware of is that they should ask permission before touching or moving these plants if they are found in a patient room or belongings.
    sometimes one needs to listen with the heart just as much as with the ears.

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    I am surprised Marijuana is not one of them

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    Nope, MJ is NOT a plant held sacred by the NA population.

    Nativehealer used to post quite a bit over at That Abomination of a Place, and this is a direct copy of one of his posts. Am sure he'll enjoy discussing the subject with you, though!

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    Oh, I see. I guess, I should be really really careful if I move those plants in the ward. Thanks.

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