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Thread: LPN 20 years exp...can't get a job?

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    LPN 20 years exp...can't get a job?

    Here's the situation, my mother has moved from Missouri to California, San Pedro, she's been waiting for her license to be validated or whatever by the board here, did everything they asked and haven't heard from them nor can we seem to contact them via phone or e-mail and it's been weeks. I asked my mother to take her Resume to Kyser, sit down with someone and explain her situation to see if they are in need of someone with her 20+ years of experience and may know something about how to get in touch with the board here. She tells me that it's all "political" and that you need to know someone at a hospital to get a job...even in an environment that seems to be starved for fresh workers... I do not think my mother is lying to be I just need to hear (or read as it were) from other nurses that this is or is not the case and maybe someone might have a suggestion on what to do about the board of nurses that doesn't require us driving all the way to Sacramento with no assurance that we'll be received or that they wont be closed that day...

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    Call first to insure they are not closed, avoid Fridays, because that is the day they close. The best way to get anything done with them is to go in person. I went there, they took care of my situation, and they were very nice about it.

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    I have personally gone through this last year. I was told that due to budget cuts that they down sized to only two people. I personally WOULD not make the drive. I have found if you call often you will get someone. Also the VAMC is hungry for nurses right now and will accept licenses from other states. Hope that helps -Sheri

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    Thanks for your input, Sheri!

    Hope to see many more of your posts!


    PS to OP.....Missouri is now part of the Compact State program.

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