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Thread: Nurses and moving patients survey

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    hi thanks for the survey! i hope you'll also keep us updated on the results

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    Thank you for your forum discussion post. I greatly appreciate it a lot. I also really enjoyed your survey on lifting patients. I am a nurse and I lift patients and sometimes I have to be careful in how I lift patients. Thank you again for this survey.

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    Worked a home care case where I was expected to transfer the patient to and from their wheelchair with the help of available individuals. Available individuals always ignored the situation while rapidly leaving the area when they saw I was about to do the transfer. Hurt myself several times doing this, but had made the decision I needed the work more than I needed to follow the 'two person transfer' rules.

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    Too bad you didn't have a hoyer or 2. I have noted that many places are getting the new fangled ones.

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