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Thread: Recommendations on travel companies?

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    Recommendations on travel companies?

    Hi there.... new to this site... FAIRLY new nurse... I've been an ER nurse for 2 years... a year of ICU stepdown prior to that... my boyfriend, who is also an ER RN, and I are looking to start our first travel assignment this summer in NYC. We are currently working with American Mobile... and he has a tentative offer for a position at NYU... for the time being, AM has no position for me... I'm looking for anyones opinion on the best travel company to work with!! We are looking to take one apt, and obviously taking the housing stipend for the other apt in order to save some serious money! Does anyone have any input as far as good/bad/etc agencies to work with? I'm a little a frustrated that American Mobile is having such problems finding a second contract anywhere near NYC.... any input would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I would be careful w AMN. Read the posts under Reviews section of companies. lots of complaints.I would look into RN Network, Cross Country and Medical Solutions. PLEASE Shop around 1st. AMN is a huge company, I worked for Nurses RX( 1 of their companies) and after you sign a contract , and start working, they are terrible to get ahold of if you have a question or problem. Your call goes to the travler hotline, you leave a message and pray some one calls you back, the other companies I listed, the recruiters call you back quickly.
    So check the website job boards of the companies I mentioned. Also I;ll send you a private message for with my recruiters names.

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    P.S check out Fast Staff, Advantange RN, Clinical one.

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    DEFINITELY do not sign on with SSS Staffing in Cincinnati, Ohio. They don't stick by their contracts and make promises they don't keep. I've gone with Agostini Nursing for California jobs and the pay is good. I agree with the thumbs-down on American Mobile, I had one contract with them and that was enough. Lowest pay ever and no real support.

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    I love ADEX Medical Staffing and have done one assignment with them already and starting my second one with them this week. They are smaller and the recruiters are very into making sure you are happy.

    Let them know I sent you their way I can send you more info and the have a FB page as well

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