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Thread: The Right Solutions--TRS

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    The Right Solutions--TRS

    Hey Everyone!

    Just thought I would get our name "out there." We are The Right Solutions and sometimes we will refer to ourselves as TRS and I didn't want anyone to confuse us with another company.
    • We are a smaller company, but we pride ourselves on personal service.
    • TRS has been in the business for over 15 years and was started by a nurse, who still runs the company.
    • We offer free medical, dental, vision, and life insurance to our employees
    • $1000 bonus on most contracts.
    • We also passed our JCAHO audit recently with NO recommendations (this is the 3rd time in a row!).
    If you are interested in more information about our company please visit our website at The Right Solutions (click the name) or call me at 888-987-8233 ext 262.
    Have a great day!

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    When you call or visit our website please ask for me by name!


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