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Thread: Need work in LA

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    Need work in LA

    Hello! My name is Donna. I have been a RN for 16 yrs and have many different areas in which I have worked. I am not looking to travel at the moment, but would like to find a hospital I can call home for longer than 3 mths. But, I am having major difficulty finding a job other than every other wkend at a nursing home. I have not worked in the last 2 yrs and because of that, I get shot down before I ever get started. I would like to work approx 32-36 hrs per week in a medium sized hospital. I would like to stay in Louisiana for now. I do have a current LA RN license. May time off has been nice, but I am ready to return to work. I will consider all areas and will cross-train to areas I have not worked in. Even after not working for two yrs, I still feel very confident about my skills as a nurse. If anyone knows a hospital or LTAC who has an opening and is looking for a great caring and compassionate RN, I will give 100%. Please email me at Thanks, Donna

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