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Thread: Looking for Travel Pal

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    Looking for Travel Pal

    Greetings, Joe here, I'm an "old school" diploma nurse with 23 yrs of ER nursing, currently working in small rural hospital in Iowa. Have the travel bug and have several apps out with travel agencies looking into a Alaska assignment for this summer. 13 weeks, Anchorage. Was wondering if anyone else is heading out for the spring/summer to that region. This is my first assignment and have been reading that going out by yourself can be difficult. Looking for a travel partner. Any thoughts let me know.

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    Re: Looking for Travel Pal

    Hi, Joe, and welcome to the site! I moved your post to the Travel Partners Hook Up Forum. I am sure someone will stop by and see it, and hopefully take you up on traveling together.

    Hope you stop by often!

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    Re: Looking for Travel Pal

    Joe, hello this is Donna. Did you find a travel partner yet? What company are you with? I would love to go to Alaska! Get back with me!

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    i would love to go to alaska too.

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