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Thread: Severe Concerns..or Over reacting?

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    Severe Concerns..or Over reacting?

    Good Evening~

    I'm not sure if this is the apropriate place for this thread so forgive me if it is not.

    I am not a nurse (yet) but have taken a job at a local nursing home as a resident aide. My reason was to get some experience as I will be going to school for nursing soon. Today was my first day and I have some severe concerns. Please tell me if this is the norm, or are these red flags???

    The home is owned by a company in England. They just took over and nearly all the staff has quit due to changes (cut in pay..hours..that sort). The English rep has ordered that the facility was spending way too much money in food and thus has made up a precise menu on portions..leaving no room for seconds. The people are quite used to be able to get their fill. I asked if the restrictions were Dr ordered..answer was no..which is how I learned about the "cut".

    Security: When I first applied, I rang the bell. A resident allowed me in. No one was around for a good 5 mins.. I could have been anyone walking in. Furthermore, a resident can just walk out. And it is right off a main road. NO gates.

    Hazards: Where do I begin? Bleach, cleaners..meds.. all within easy reach and plain sight of residents. Again TODAY WAS MY 1st day.. I have not been trained, I have NEVER done this stuff before. I was handed a diaper and told to go change a resident. Ok, how.... A baby is easy to move around, an adult?? OMG that was rough, but I managed. My concern is...since I havent been trained, what if I hurt one...move them the wrong way?? Which lead me to another resident. When I got him to roll over, he screamed in pain.. I panicked and asked what was wrong..he told me where it hurt and after some digging..learned he had fallen a few days back, no report was made..and the Admin had just found out about it and ordered some x-rays.. How do I know I didnt hurt him even more???

    I applied as a resident aide..however, I did housekeeping most of the day..on top of watch residents, change diapers, and help feed them. Im not complaining but the staff is myself, the cook..and the Admin during the day...for 11 residents. It's a bit hard to "watch the floor" if I'm in the laundry room or mopping a residents room. Is this how it works?

    My biggest problem is how easily anyone can walk in or out and all the safety hazards..or am I over reacting? If anything, I learned this today... should the day come where my parents need care.. it will be by me..not a nursing home.

    Thank you for your input.


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    Re: Severe Concerns..or Over reacting?

    I would get out of there as fast as I could and would notify the state about the safety of patients being in question. And are NOT over reacting!

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    Re: Severe Concerns..or Over reacting?

    ****o Melissa,

    It doesn't sound like the new management's plan for running the facility is based in reality. Nor does it sound like the type of place you want to stick around.

    When nursing staff is quitting left and right (in this case probably to save their licenses) it is a pretty bad sign.

    Nursing assistants and new employees are typically given at least a few weeks of orientation when hired. They should be paired up with another experienced nursing assistant and not given a full patient load immediately.

    Are you employed by them, or through an agency? Agency staff are expected to "hit the ground running" and to be experienced enough to function without extensive orientation.

    In either case, sounds like there are valid concerns to be addressed here. Florida is not known for being kind to "whistle blowers" so if you do report anything, do it anonymously.

    Hope you find something better soon, look for a larger facility (50-100 residents or more), they are usually begging for help.

    You can find more CNA resources at

    Andrew Lopez, RN
    Nurses' Views of The Nursing Profession

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