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Thread: Need Help...Need LVN to RN bridge suggestions

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    Need Help...Need LVN to RN bridge suggestions

    Hello, I have been an LVN for almost a year and told myself i can go to a regular college and take my time to get my RN. Many of my freinds paid 60,000 for a lvn to rn adn program and are already graduating. Made me feel like i wasted time. I could have been done. The school they went to no longer has that program and im looking to see if i could find one. I didnt want to take short cuts but my financial situation is pushing me to get it done in the least possible time. If anyone knows anyone who is in a program or is going to school please let me know. Im scared of these online programs but if it has worked for someone please let me know.

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    Re: Need Help...Need LVN to RN bridge suggestions

    I would consider all options available to you if your goal is to graduate with that certification.

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    We haven't heard back from the OP. Hope you have been able to find a suitable nursing program.

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