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Thread: what to do while waiting to get in RN program

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    Question what to do while waiting to get in RN program

    Hi. I am just beginning my pre-reqs for the RN program. I am a little older than some, but have also worked as an EMT (I had EMT-Basic cert prior to moving and having kids). I just attended a meeting where the director went through the process. I will have 3 semesters of pre-reqs, then petition. They are saying that the wait time to get into the RN program after you petition is 1 to 1 1/2 years. I am wanting to get my BSN (at a different school that the one I will start at - as the tuition there is 5 times higher) and then go on to get a MSN so I can become a CRNA. They have a program that is RN to BSN (through the university that I will be transferring to after getting ASN) that takes 1 year once you are an RN to complete. Is it more beneficial to work on the BSN while waiting to start the RN or just wait until I am an RN and then go through the RN to BSN program? I know there is a great need for RNs out there, but how is the situation with CRNAs? What are the "doors" that are more open to someone coming out of school with a BSN rather than an ASN? I did really enjoy being an EMT, so I am thinking that I will really enjoy nursing. I am thinking CRNA because it pays a little better and I have a certain amount of years before I really need to work (when my littlest one is off to school full time). Does anyone know the difference in pay between ASN - BSN - MSN (CRNA)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Work as a nursing assistant, volunteer at a hospital, read as much as you can about nursing.

    Get an NCLEX review book and start studying questions, terminology now!

    You'll find that studying the questions now, will help you with your exams in your clinical areas. Most courses teach/test you on questions/content you'll see on the exam.

    Best wishes,

    Andrew Lopez, RN

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    Post what to do while waiting to get in to RN

    Since you've been an EMT, nursing program will be a breeze FOR YOU, compared to those who have no medical background (though any medical program will still be hard work). Having a BSN degree (as opposed to AS degree) will be an avenue into management. Management generally means better hours, business hours. Of course, management means that you are ultimately responsible for ensuring staffing is maintained. There may be times you are called upon during problems of staffing, among other circumstances. With good management skills, your ods of maintaining a better schedule and incidence in the work setting are more positive. Generally the base salary for nurse managers are obviously higher. Becoming a certified nurse in a particular area, such as midwifery, for example, can bring you income to near double (or double with nurse anesthetist, about $100K per year for full time nurse anesthetist). Having a Bachelors degree in nursing can open many more doors for you such as working in the corporate sector (such as insurance companies, or in government nurse positions. Most require adamantly bachelors degree. The hours and benefits are great. You generally need 3-5 years clinical your case, your EMT background is a major advantage, as this would suffice. Recent clinical experience is generally preferred. Of course, your work gap while attending school will also suffice in conjunction with the EMT background. It would almost be foolish for you to waste your time on an AS degree over a BS degree. Many companies will then pay for your continued education for the MS degree. You can do it online with a college such as Phoenix Online. Good luck!

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