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Thread: Pay Rate 2009

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    Post Pay Rate 2009

    With the current economic situation, there have been a lot of changes in pay rates. Just so we are all more aware of the current pay rates can you pls. post the following:

    1. State

    2. City

    3. Speciality (CNA, LPN/LVN, RN-Med/Surg., RN-NICU etc.)

    4. Pay rates

    5. Travel or Per Diem

    6. Benefits offered by agency (pls. don't feel shy to be detailed)

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    Southwest Arizona
    $39/hr + 10% diff for pms and 15% for nocs
    max $800 each way for travel
    $300/month insurance stipend (taxed)
    Housing - must pay $225/month for single, and the entire cost of housing is taxed
    This is a seasonal position directly through the hospital's HR department - no travel RN agency involved.

    I was quoted some ridiculously low ($15/hr) rates for Texas lately - curious if that is typical. Even with the tax advantage program it seemed very low.

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    San Antonio, TX
    $2000/mo housing subsidy
    $250 travel
    Full benefits.
    Travel position 13 wk contract

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    Tele in NC
    $15.10 taxed/hr
    $26.90 tax free for travel/housing/food
    I don't do the insurance and pay for the housing myself.
    13 week travel position (actually my 2nd contract here)

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    San Antonio, Tx
    $34/hr base rate
    Housing furnished but would get $1200 tax free for stipend
    $1/hr charge pay extra
    $3/hr on call pay
    $500 travel each way tax free
    Insurance free for basic $24/month charge for higher grade
    13 week assignment

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    current: Durham, NC
    Oncology-Adult Bone Marrow Transplant
    $29/hr day-night rotation; 13 week traveler position
    furnished housing (great housing, i might add!), utilities, and pet fee waved; day 1 medical/dental/vision; $300 each way for travel reimbursement...full benefits.

    next assignment:

    Bethesda, Maryland
    Adult Hematology/Oncology
    $34.66/hr day-evening rotations; 13 wk traveler position
    furnished housing
    full benefits
    not planning on doing the tax advantage plan
    $300 both ways for travel reimbursement.

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    My last assignment:

    San Antonio, TX
    Adult ER/Trauma
    Housing furnished (or could have taken approx $1200/mo stipend)
    $500 Travel
    Full benefits
    13 week travel assignment
    Amanda, RN, BSN
    Ex-Traveler Extraordinaire,
    Resident Trauma Queen

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009


    Your travel co. sounds good, are you happy with them and would you mind telling me the name? I went to the review page and so many were outdated or extremely conflicting reports- hard to know who to believe. I'm trying to get my 1st travel assignment in San Diego, but I've read that s. Cal. is cutting back on travelers! Any info would be appreciated. I'm thinking of Travelmax, crosscountrytravcorps, cirrus, qshift, & RNnetwork.

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    ]Cross Country stinks. I've been with them for a year and I've had two assignments with them and currently going on my third. This will be my last one. I feel like I'm getting cheated out of the pay I could be receiving from other companies. Other travelers I've spoken to are shocked when I tell them the rate CC pays. I'm actually telling my friends who want to do travel nursing to take it for the travel and to expect a pay cut if they take that route. What is the difference between the equivalent and the effective pay rate. I was told I would be getting one pay and ended up with another because the first one was labeled as the equivalent and not the effective one. I've done the calculations and I will be making 2000 after taxes a month. I will not be going back to CCT ever. They are one of the lowest if not the lowest paying companies. However I've heard many good things about Cirrus and they pay for almost everything even license fee reimbursements

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009


    2. Park Ridge

    3. RN-ICU

    4. 32.00/hr straight time, 48.00/hr overtime, hours guaranteed (they are allowed to call me off a total of 24 w/o pay, then its covered)

    5. Travel-AMN

    6. free insurance, i took housing( offered 1600 stipend), and 500 travel reimbursement

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