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Thread: No Jobs For New Graduates?

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    New Grads have to consider relocating... Florida Hospitals hire and train new grads . They will pay for flight for interview and relocation expenses... so a nurse can work for a few years and then apply as a trained RN to wherever...... it's a good option. check it out and keep in mind Sebring, Fl, Fort Myers, etc..........................

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    I agree with you jmlusa2000... new grad nurses should be given the opportunity to practice. Stats says that a lot of nursing population from different countries around the world are already ageing, so who will replace them if the new generation nurses will not be given the chance to work in the hospitals settings.

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    I just would like to share this..
    ive read that:
    - a lot of older nurses no longer think about resignation.
    - more new nursing graduates every year
    - hospitals prefer BSN grads w/ experience

    this means that the opportunity for new nurses to be employed is very low. how true is this?

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    Most older nurses can't retire due to the fact that their retirement plans and stock portfolio's took a dive during the economic down-turn. Most of us will work well past our retirement dates. It's not the same out there as it was when I went into nursing and facilities were falling all over themselves to attract new grads. Health-Care reform is not going to help either since it will essentially make nurses into poorly paid government workers. The current administration has actually stated that one way to cut operating costs in Government run healthcare facilities is to make most nurses part-time. Also in the bill is a provision for hospitals to get higher reimbursements if their staff have BS or higher degrees. It's really a very interesting read if you can get past the where fore's and here as's.


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