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Thread: Clinical One OK?

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    Clinical One OK?

    Has anyone heard anything bad about the traveling nurse company Clinical One or whom has had a bad experience? I thinking about taking an assignment with them. Their benefits seem realistic. The recruiter sound nice on the phone. I am going to talk to her tomorrow. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: Clinical One OK?

    I have never taken an assignment with them, but am signed up with them, and speak with them each time I'm looking for a new assignment. They seem pretty decent, but so far, my current company (RN Network), has always just been able to come up with better assignments for me.
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    Re: Clinical One OK?

    I am currently with Clinical One and have no complaints.

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    Re: Clinical One OK?

    I'm signed on with clinical one and heard good things about the company BUT.. they have very few jobs for med surg tele ortho. So, Hopefully I can work for them once jobs pick up.

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