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Thread: tax advantage?

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    tax advantage?

    I have what may be a dumb question....I have traveled before but it was in 2002. I am thinking about possibly hitting the road again..So what EXACTLY is a tax advantage pay?..Just wondering if I should steer clear or if it would be a good thing.
    Also a friend of mine told me that there is a new thing that hospitals are starting in Cali. They are not extending assignments to nurses that want to stay? Is this true? She said it was to avoid paying extension bonuses or increase in the current nurses pay and to save money for the hospital. If that is true that is crazy, because why would a hospital want to get a whole new staff member when they already have someone who is familiar with the floor..Just wondering..

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    Re: tax advantage?


    Tax advantage is awesome!! It is tax free money for meals and incidentals. I can tell you why hospital do what they do. I am very knowledgeable. I have been a recruiter for 4 years.
    recruiter- Nightingale Nurses

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    Re: tax advantage?

    Something I'd suggest, is starting a small corporation, then having your paychecks go to the business vs you personally.

    I owe a few large websites and all income goes to the company. Out of that comes my car payment, auto, liability, malpractice insurance, utilities (gas, electric, internet) and healthcare/dental co-pays. It covers uniforms, sneakers, jackets, etc.

    In other words, I let the company pay the bulk of my bills pre-tax, as 100% deductible expenses.

    Then depending on what is left, I'll pay myself a small or not so small salary.

    It's a bit involved, I've been doing it since 2001. Ran the business as a sole proprietorship before that.

    Feel free to ask questions.

    Andrew Lopez, RN

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    Re: tax advantage?

    beware of taxadvantage it only benefits the company and you get screwed on overtime

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