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Thread: Trouble getting hired in hosp??

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    Quote Originally Posted by nursefredrick View Post
    LPN jobs are hard to come by here too. I live in central MO. There are 3 major hospitals within minutes from me. Only 1 will not hire LPN's. The other two only hire LPN's with prior hospital exp. Clinics pay you terribly. Nursing homes pay well, but like you said Patient ratios are bad.

    My first job out of LPN school was in LTC, out of despiration! I was in charge of 60 residents, with two CNA's. So yea, 1/30. Currently I work at Healthsouth, it is acute care rehab. It pays better than hospitals, but not quite what LTC does.

    I am like the rest of you, the only way to remedy the problem is to be an RN....
    I was working for Healthsouth in FL as a CNA/RNT until I got my LPN.. year later new DON comes in a cleans house of all the LPNs saying corperate wanted an RN only format... hope it doesn't make its way up to you guys...

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    LPN jobs are readily available for good pay and low cost of living in ATL if you guys are willing to travel a bit. Do you know anyone who's willing to move out here?

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