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Thread: Nursing advice for stroke patient

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    Unhappy Nursing advice for stroke patient

    Hello, I am not yet a nursing student, starting my bachelor of nursing in Feb 08. I am wanting some advice from nurses who has had much exp in nursing stroke patients. My father-in-law had a stroke 3 days ago, he has right side paralysis, is trying to talk and trying to move his right leg, although not that responsive. He just had an MRI and all the doctor said was; swelling is there .. bleeding has stopped ... and there is blockage in the arteries.. they may operate. I am unable to be there to ask the questions as he is in india, (I am in NZ)my partner is by his side but is confused as to whether he is recieving the correct treatment. I welcome ANY advice anyone can give me please. What are the questions we should be asking and what shoud we be looking for. What can my partner be doing while he is by his side, eg; talking to him, touching him etc... my partner is afraid it will elevate his fathers blood pressure... and it seems that the advice is different depending who is on shift (Nursing)...
    Please please please help. I have read so much online concerning strokes but would love some one on one advice. Thanks - Putali

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    Re: Nursing advice for stroke patient

    Hi, Putali; sorry to hear about your father in law.

    Touching a patient will in NO way raise blood pressure, unless you sneak up on someone and scare them! Even then, I doubt it would be enough to cause problems.

    I would ask what medications they are currently on, IMHO. Would be helpful when you head off to school, also.


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