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Thread: ACLS recert online classses

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    Smile ACLS recert online classses

    Has anybody out there had any experience with online ACLS? I see two choices, American heart and the Emergency Physicians program, which is cheaper. In either case you have to be signed off by someone on a skills check. My recruiter told me any ACLS certified instructor can sign you off but on the web site it directs you to Skills check stations. Just curious if anybody has any experiences to share, Thankyou, Denise

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    Re: ACLS recert online classses

    I've been ACLS/PALS certified for nearly twenty years and obviously, long before the internet, had to sit all weekend to renew every to two years. What a pain. A few years ago I decided to take an online course. I had my nurse manager look it over first. The course was pretty thorough but I was stuck on the stupid computer for hours trying to complete it. The entire thing had to be done sitting there. Not much better than going to class (other than not having to shower and dress ) This year I tried a different site, and it was much better. I printed the prep materials, printed the test and worked on it between patients. The ONLY thing i had to do on the computer was punch in my answers which only took me a couple minutes. I got my card that same day, too. The card looks like any other ACLS card and doesn't say anything about being "onliine." Was a little worried my manager wouldnt accept the card but to my surprise, she had taken her renewal course with the same company!

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    Talking Re: ACLS recert online classses

    I have been out of the nursing field for 6 years now. I am completing a refresher course and will return to nursing over the next 2 months. I practiced for 23 years and all of my practice has been ICU/CCU. Do you feel I could pass this type of course OK?

    Thanks for your feedback!


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