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    Advantage RN .com

    Has anyone traveled with AdvantageRN and their tax advantage program?? I'm new to this - any insights appreciated.

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    Re: Advantage RN .com

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    Re: Advantage RN .com

    Advantage Rn is a good travel company to work for! The tax advantage program is a good way to go as long as you own your own home.

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    Re: Advantage RN .com

    I have used AdvantageRn for 6 months now and am happy. My recruiter is Tosha and she seem to be on the ball. I do the tax advantage program and my tax person didn't have a problem with it. They break it down to a base pay (like $15) which is taxed and then a per diem pay (that is what's tax free). Just make sure you agree with the overtime pay before you sign the contract. It isn't always time and a half of the base and per diem. Make sure it is or fight for it. The law only states time and a half is of your base (I think). Remember you won't get a housing stipend or housing paid for if you take the tax advantage plan.

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