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Thread: NCLEX questions/concerns answered here

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    NCLEX questions/concerns answered here

    MY name is Teena and I am a family nurse practitioner and a seasoned NCLEX instructor. I will be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns regarding the NCLEX or other topics.
    If do not know the answer, I will find out for you or give you direction. Ok- let's go!

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    Re: NCLEX questions/concerns answered here

    Ok guys, I know your out there. I also know that you have concerns, questions, worries etc about the NCLEX. Would you guys like some NCLEX questions, answers and rationales??????? I am here to help.

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    Re: NCLEX questions/concerns answered here


    Hope someone reads this post tonight and replies; I took the NCLEX yesterday and got 265 questions; what exactly does this mean?

    How many did you get when you took yours?

    I'm so SCARED I didn't pass; when I took the NCLEX-PN I only got 85 questions but this time on the NCLEX-RN I got the maximum questions........plezzzzzz any insight would be appreciated as soon as possible.....thanks

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    Re: NCLEX questions/concerns answered here

    I have been going to and reading some reviews on the nclex test, there is a big article callled want to be a nurse think again. Here it is tell me what you think?

    After reading this flyer and researching articles on the Socanon forum contact Michigan State Senator Tony Stama�s Aide Matt Ivan Ph 866 305 2136 ask why the Michigan Nursing Board is not being investigated for authorizing a State Board License Test called NCLEX� that allegedly has applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), assessing aspects of personality. A Psychological Test without Informed Consent or no knowledge of a medical procedure is the first thing a nursing student learns not to do to a patient! Exams have a new meaning, mass Examinations!

    Michigan State Senator Tony Stama hands out big appropriations to the Michigan Nursing Board but has no idea how the Michigan State License is issued. Ask his aide Matt �What happened to Informed Consent to a psychological exam�. Maybe they will answer you; they won�t answer the reporters at

    Have you been filling out applications for employment lately and finding yourself explaining your interpersonal relationships with family and friends with Computer Adaptive Testing, survey / personality test? From supermarkets to gas stations everyone gets a survey, which is a hidden psychological exam, and nobody is the wiser! Testing is expanding into all fields from massage therapist to CPAs, personality tests are finding their way into food service and banking, one is coming to your town soon, or is already there! Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Rausch Measurement are all multi-component latent trait models for complex tasks. Exemplary psychometric work for analyzing the meaning of a response from latent traits in a personality, why not just a straight question on medical skills and abilities in the state board exam, why the mumbo psycho jumbo in these tests? Are these reverse deductive psychological questions on spirituality, politics, economics, beliefs, morals, and ethics, a mirror reflection of you the test taker? You cannot see the test after paying for it (no paper trail), no answers to your questions, and a formal complaint is just that, formal! No paper copy and a little software programming algorithms to make sure the highest payer, whoops, best man wins.

    One field of this CAT testing that has grown quickly is in the healthcare field, ask yourself why? The passing rate of the NCLEX� Examination varies from state to state; some fall, to 68 % passing rate. (NCSBN) claims around eighty six percent pass the exam the first time out of eighty thousand students, forty percent pass the second exam, seven percent the third time, the rest just give up, and at two hundred dollars or more for each test the educated unemployed struggle, wondering why they can�t pass a entry level test after two - four years of college. The National Nursing Board owns the test and the testing company Pearson Vue gives the test and collects the money then take a cut down the middle. Test questions cannot be understood of just what is being asked, nursing students state �some questions asked, was never covered in college� most just guess these mind monkey questions.

    So much for critical thinking skills, or is it social engineering at its finest. A hidden psychological exam written by a PSYCHOMETRICIAN, of 75 to 265 questions tell all if a tester is entry level? A pre-employment screener looking for a middle of the road employee that goes along to get along. There is a fine line between personality and abilities. Graduating students trained by RN instructors, exams written by RNs, content of skills and abilities supplied by RNs, that is given to the nursing board of RNs, that give the information to a one hundred thousand dollar a year PSYCHOMETRICIAN to write questions that RN Graduate Students guess at to pass to receive a state license, to relieve a nursing shortage. If you fail you can enroll in a test taking class. A helping hand to fill the large nursing shortage came with the Bush Administration in 2005 opening fifty thousand international nursing student visas to fill the gap left open by failing Graduates.

    The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. is now designing a class to train on how to take tests, after the nurses fail the Board. Like a nurse cant take a test, but that�s why they call them two or four year graduates! It�s not the test failing it is you, says the nursing boards, could this be just simple deflection at work, but why? Remember answer the first question wrong, you can get easier questions. The programming algorithms in this Standardized test make it an Individualized test, play dumb the outcome is much better at two hundred dollars a test. All that education to end up selling hotdogs from a sidewalk stand, because you can�t pass the NCLEX or your screened out of employment because of a survey. Hey if someone should choke on a bite of a dog, help is right away!

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    Re: NCLEX questions/concerns answered here

    I have reserached the ncsbn website and cannot find any reference to this. Please post reference to where this website you listed got their information.
    Thanks Teena

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