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Thread: Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home

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    Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home

    Does anyone out there know if there is a certain Nurse to Patient Ratio in Nursing Homes? This refers to LPN's on Night shift with no RN's available. We have 61 Residents and at times only one nurse on night shift? Is this Legal? To me, as a nurse you are putting your career on the line taking on this responsiblity. I have refused to be the only nurse in the facility. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home This website had alittle information, however I think that it varies from state to state. In my experience with nursing homes, I have came to find the same thing taking place. The hours given per staff to patient ratio goes further into the charting and asessments that are done to place all the patients on a certain level of care. Also with the shortage of assitants and nurses most facilities have to stay on the short end of the ratios.

    They are only required to have a rn there I think 40 hours a week and then on call the rest of the time. Then say for example they are only allowed 5 nurses a day, the most logic is to put two on days and two on evenings then one to nights. I have came across too many nursing homes to count in this number range of 60 patients and that is how they are all ran though. I would just make sure that you have a qualified oncall person.

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    Re: Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home

    I'm not sure, but I think it does vary per state....I just read an article in the paper last week that gave new requirements her in TX. So I believe it varies.

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    Re: Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home

    I ask the same qoestion. I worked 3-11 and had at
    least 60 people on 2 halls with 2 med passes. I passes from3-5 and sometimes closer to 6, and from 7 to 9. This
    left little time for all the charting and treatments.
    I would have never thought about a break or a lunch,
    however always docked 30 min for one. I have been a nurse for 11 years and it does get stressful,but never
    have I experienced this. Needless to say I made an error
    and they fired me. Never a bad word or report against me
    before now. I had already initialed a med,coulnt find
    it,didnt give it,I thought I would look after the pass
    and completly got busy and forgot to. Any way they fired
    me,for falsifying records,because I didnt circle the med.
    I know how many times at the end of the month,everyone
    is told to fill your holes. I just cant beleive they did this. I really feel is I had had some help I wouldnt have
    benn so forgetful. The res was fine, no harm was done.
    State and Feds are in our facility and I think I am
    being made an example of.

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    Re: Nurse to Patient Ratio in a Nursing Home

    I will also add that I can spell. I dont use the computer
    much. Never really had the time. I seem to have more of it
    then I would like now. Hope I can find a job soon. I am
    denied on unemployment benefits,dont really understand
    that either..

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